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I am often asked for a summary of the new comparisons that have been updated on the site over the past month. With this in mind, I now list below the policy comparisons that have been added to Australia’s premier product features and benefits comparison website in the last month listed in alphabetical order by insurer/underwriting agency. You can now view these comparisons at

Allianz Cargo Insurance within Australia – POL615BA_0613
Allianz Carriers Insurance Package – POL260BAAMT_0613
Allianz Commercial Motor Insurance – POL124BA_0413
APIA Advantage Car Insurance – AP02571_0814
Australia Post Gold Car Insurance – AustPost-Gold-Car_0614
GIO General Limited Landlord Insurance – 22217_0813
Insure That Pty Ltd Asset Protection Policy – AssetProtection_0314
Insure That Pty Ltd Business Liability Policy – BusLiability_0514
Insure That Pty Ltd Business Protection Policy – BusProtection_0514
Insure That Pty Ltd Farm Liability Policy – FarmLiability_0514
Insure That Pty Ltd Farm Protection Policy – FarmProtection_0314
Insure That Pty Ltd Property Owners Liability Policy – PropOwnersLiab_0514
Insure That Pty Ltd Property Protection Policy – PropProtection_0314
Insure That Pty Ltd Strata Protection Policy – StrataProtection_0314
Lumley Insurance Landlord Protection Cover – PLHPDS90002_0514
Mobius Underwriting Residential Strata Insurance – Mobius-ResStrata_0514
Professional Risk Underwriting Civil Liability Professional Indemnity – ProRisk-PI_0713
Tasman Underwriting Accountants Professional Indemnity Policy – tasman2011accountantspiwdg_0314
Tasman Underwriting Insurance Brokers Professional Indemnity Policy – tasman2011insurancebrokerspiwdg_0314
Tasman Underwriting Professional Indemnity Insurance – tasman2011miscpiwdg_0314
Terri Scheer Landlord Preferred Policy – TS00005_0314
WFI Residential Strata Plan – RSPPDS-03_0314
WR Berkley Insurance (Australia) Miscellaneous Professions Professional Indemnity Insurance – WRB-MiscPI_G2_0613
Youi Insurance Car Insurance – YouiCar_0714
Youi Insurance Caravan and Trailer Insurance – Caravan_0714
Youi Insurance Home Insurance – Youi-Home_0814
Youi Insurance Watercraft Insurance – Watercraft_0714
Zurich Australian Insurance Limited Electronic Equipment Insurance – PCUS-008286_V2_0114
Zurich Australian Insurance Limited Product Safety and Recall Insurance – PCUS-005699_V1_0811


I take this opportunity to remind you that the LMI PolicyComparison website offers more than policy

comparisons. Visit the site to view our extensive policy library, Standard & Poors’ financial strength ratings,

a list of alternative markets, and more. We also do policy drafting and peer reviews of wordings.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact the team at LMI PolicyComparison  by going here.


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