QBE revise the Fire Service Levy

Let's give Fire Service Levy the chop!

Let’s give Fire Service Levy the chop!

I learned today that QBE Australia had revised its Fire Services Levies (FSL) for risks located in the areas protected by the New South Wales authorities effective 15th March 2014.

The announcement advised that any new business quoted by QBE on or after that date will have the new FSL rates applied.

QBE also advised that the levy for NSW includes the statutory contributions system for the funding of the NSW State Emergency Services (SES).

Any reduction in this tax has my full support and like many in the community I wish the New South Wales State Government would simply remove that tax and follow the example of all the other state governments rather than continue with the disincentive to insure.

Here are the new rates as published along with the old rates for your convenience.

Levy NSW
Fire / ISR / Consequential Loss 28%
(previously 31.5%)
Construction Risk 28%
(previously 31.5%)
Householders & House owners 15.5%
(previously 17.5%)
Motor 0.5%
(previously 1.0%)


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