Protection for unoccupied buildings

One of the problems we see regularly at LMI is the theft of metals from unoccupied buildings. There is also the issue of squatters, adventurous children and youths, malicious damage and graffiti.

When the premises are unoccupied the electricity is often cut off which means that there is no lighting, alarm system or video surveillance happening while static guards and even regular patrols may be cost prohibitive. The latter being of limited value in my experience anyway.

The lighting can be easily and cheaply overcome with solar powered sensor lights and I saw with interest that over in Perth, trials have started with solar powered surveillance wireless cameras.

The technology is said to have a range of 300 meters, with thermal images able to be taken in total darkness.

The company providing the equipment is Spectur and it claims its designs are aimed at protecting large perimeter fences such as farms and construction sites, all without needing the usual infrastructure to support them.

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  1. Terry Jackson says:

    May I also add the potential for fire, either deliberate or accidental, in unoccupied facilities increases significantly – particularly as the nights become cooler and squatters/homeless seek to keep themselves warm.

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