Product Recalls over the past week

Recall word on a barrier or blockade warning sign to illustrateThe Federal Government has an excellent website which provides details of the products that have been recalled from the Australian market.

One of the concerns that I have is that far too many people are not aware of recalls and even when they are, they do not act on the advice. The hover board recall is a perfect example. So many insurance people bought them for their children, or Santa gave it to their children, for Christmas and yet I cannot find anyone that took theirs back despite all the publicity of recalls.

What I propose doing is to publish the list of the products that have been recalled as shown on  the Product Safety Australia website over the past week either on Friday or if I am travelling and/or having a particular busy day as I was on Friday, over the weekend.

I hope by doing this it helps consumers, insurance brokers, and product recall insurers.

If anyone wants to learn more on a particular product they can click on the link which will take you to the relevant place on the Product Safety Australia website .

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