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Survey 1To help us, please go here to complete a quick survey of the claims that you have been involved in over the past 3 months. #claims #insuranceclaims #insurance

Let me explain why. In September 2013, LMI launched as a support product of The underlying reason for both comparison services is to allow brokers and ultimately the insuring public to make an informed decision about which insurance coverage to purchase, rather than make the decision on price alone.

We first launched the product with only 5 products, Home Building, (including Strata and Landlords),  Home Contents, Private Motor, SME /Farm and Private Travel. Brokers and clients have from the start asked that this be expanded to other classes. This is where we need your help, as they only way we can realistically capture the data is through a survey of insurance brokers, suppliers and end customers. All broker subscribers to LMI eServices will receive an email later today asking that they kindly complete the survey.

The breadth of coverage and financial strength rating of the underwriter are extremely important, but equally important is the quality of the claims service. Finding this out only after an Insured has made a claim is too late. Hence, the need for a service such as

The insurance industry processes literally thousands of claims across all classes of general insurance every day. Most are handled well, others not so well.  Some insurers look for ways to pay a claim, others ways not to.

The unintended but positive consequence is that we are seeing positive change come about due to the ratings and it focuses senior management on this most important of all areas of service, claims.

To keep the ratings meaningful, we will need to do the survey every 3 months so we have done what we can to keep the survey as short as possible, but the results meaningful. The respondent to the survey is coached through the 1/2 dozen screens. The results will be provided on at no cost to you or the public.

Thanks for your support in this important survey. Click here to proceed.

While I appreciate that there are lots of surveys and everyone is time poor these days, we will also be sending out a separate survey in a few weeks on the performance of underwriting agencies. I hope you can assist there as well.

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