Please have your say on claims – it counts towards the Mansfield Awards

The winners of The Mansfield Awards which recognises Claims Excellence will be announced on July 13. To have your say and rate the insurers you deal with on their claim service please go to

The Awards are a not for profit initiative of the LMI Group and InsuranceNEWS, after concerns within both organisations that there was no recognition in Australia for claims personnel.

Having been in the claims space for over 45 years, this did not sit well with me as it is the only real test of the insurance promise.

To learn more about the award please visit

In August 2013, LMI Group launched as a free service to brokers and the public showing the star rating of the claims services of Australian Insurers. The thought process behind this service was three fold.

1. Move the major criteria for buying insurance away from price to protection. was a natural adjunct to the already popular which compares the various policies features and benefits.

2. To acknowledge those insurers and their claims staff that do the right thing by the customers.

3. To drive some positive change in claims at a time when more and more people complain about poor claims service including the media, government, insurance brokers and of course Insureds.

This current survey of claims is more important than ever with this round being used as the measure for success or otherwise for The Mansfields.

Therefore, please take a few minutes and complete the survey honestly and to the best of your ability.

Thank you in anticipation.

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