One of those OMG moments

LstaffMI has been a dynamic organisation from its inception and the past 12 months has seen the organisation jump to a whole new level. When you live it day to day you often do not realise it but yesterday was one of those OMG moments.

Over the past 2 days the claims division of LMI and the leadership team from eServices in Australia and New Zealand got together and met for our 16th annual conference and planning days.

As I did the welcome I introduced 14 new team members to the group that have joined LMI since last year. This itself was not the moment. It was when we did the tradition team photo and team members just  keep coming and coming out the front door that it hit me just how much we have grown just in the last 12 months. If we had the whole team here we would have to move to a super wide angle lens.

The very successful developments of specialist Forensic and Mining Divisions and the expansion of LMI Legal have spearheaded the growth but every part of the business has grown thanks to the great support we received from our customers. For this I thank you.

A great deal has come out of the planning sections of the conference, including some great initiatives, the rejigging of priorities all of which I am sure will continue to see the business grow both in Australia and New Zealand but in the United Kingdom where usage of our eServices is about to reach 50% of that of Australia, and into Asia where we have had a presence with our Singapore office since 2010 and where steady growth has been achieved.

2 responses to “One of those OMG moments”

  1. Ian Fry says:

    It is all built on a strong foundation.
    Make this year’s goals and priorities work and it will grow even better

    Congratulations to all involved

  2. Arthur says:

    Hi Allan

    This looks like a great claims team, wish I could be part of them..


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