Nationwide recall sparked by asbestos-laden parts in off-road vehicles

A recent recall notice put out by Product Safety Australia has alerted to at least 18 models of popular Polaris motorbikes and off-roaders that contain asbestos parts. The recall means those who have these bikes can continue to ride them as normal, however concerns are raised when it comes to servicing and maintaining of the bikes and the exposure to these asbestos parts. The asbestos was identified by testing in the US which identified the product in brake pads, brake shoes, gaskets and washers in some models.

This is not the only recall of asbestos parts in vehicles, in 2015, the ACCC issued a recall on asbestos-laden counterfeit brake pads designed to fit Toyota Hilux utes and Hiace vans as well as in 2012, almost 25,000 Great Wall and Chery Chinese cars were recalled by Ateco Automotive when asbestos was found in the engine and exhaust gaskets.

More information about the bike recall can be found on the Australian Product Safety recall website.


Other product safety recalls this week includes:

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