More books for the library and looking for an article – Can you help

I was delighted to get a wonderful collection of insurance texts on a wide range of topics from Mr Keith Wehl. Thanks Keith, you really made my day when you dropped them in.

The books have all been cataloged and included in our ever growing insurance library. These take our collection to just over 1900 books.

The library is available for use by anyone in the insurance industry. To learn more about the service please click here.

On a slightly different topic I am trying to track down an article which either appeared in The Journal or the Insurance and Banking Record back in the late 1970’2 to mid 1980’s titled: Whither Insurance. 

If you happen to have a copy would you please share a copy with me for as I recall, many of the issues outlined in this article are with us more seriously today and I would like to do a comparison.

Finally, back on the library, remember I will always give a good home to insurance books, policies, and memorabilia / realia from the insurance industry so that it is preserved for current and future generations.

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