London fire is a wake up call for Australia to sharpen up

I have recently written about the Grenfell Tower fire in London, you can read that article here, including subsequent follow up here. Specifically, I have looked at with interest the use of cladding on the outside of the building.

One of the major arising issues is the use of building cladding that was in fact banned in the UK, as well as the US and Europe. ACM stands for aluminium composite material, which is the same combustible product in use and blamed for fueling almost a dozen high-rise fires around the world in the last decade. This includes Melbourne in 2014.

This case has put the spotlight back on banned building products and how they are being used and imported into these countries, such as the UK and Australia.

Asbestos has been banned in Australia since 2003, yet we still receive reports from the Australia Border Force that they have detected, in only the 5% of cargo they test from China, 40 cargo consignments containing asbestos in the past 10 months, this number has tripled since last financial year. That is just 5% of 1.7 million containers. Clearly, the message isn’t working and more needs to be done to stop this consistent stream of cheap & dangerous products from entering our shores.

This article by Peter McRae addresses a number of points on this matter. Find the article here. 



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