LMI Celebrates 15 Years of Service to the Insurance Community


Today represents the 15th anniversary of when I started the LMI Group.

Several things amaze me when I reflect on this milestone.

The first is just how quick the time has gone.

The second is the size and diversity of the LMI Group of today, compared to the very humble genesis of an idea.

Today the business operates in seven countries and provides loss management, risk assessment, legal and technical advice to the insurance and wider communities.

The wide range of services provided by a highly dedicated and qualified team fall into the following areas:


Consulting   eServices
  • Claims Services
  • PolicyComparison
  • Legal Services
  • BIcalculator
  • Financial Forensics
  • RiskCoach
  • Policy Drafting and Reviews
  • PolicyCoach
  • Risk Management including Business Continuity
  • ContinuityCoach
  • Education and Training
  • Publications
  • Under insurance and building cost Apps
  • ClaimsComparison

The senior leadership team of the LMI Group are meeting in Melbourne for the balance of this week, to celebrate the fifteen year milestone and reflect on the huge amount achieved in such a relatively short time. Also, to plan how the business can better serve the insurance and business communities for the next fifteen years and beyond.

I would like to personally thank the team at LMI Group who have taken on the dream and made it happen and also each and every customer that has allowed LMI to be of service.

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