LMI are Pleased to Announce the Release of Cyber Policy Comparisons

Cyber Comparison 2With the release of new cyber security policies into the Australian Market, LMI’s PolicyComparison.com are pleased to announce that, as from today, cyber is the 19th class of insurance being compared on the website.

The major policies released so far include: Chubb, Dual and Zurich with others soon to follow. The training module “Points to Consider” is being built at present and will be released within a month.

Other initiatives to assist brokers, underwriters and Insured’s to understand the risk, products on offer and the differences between the coverages are also being updated on LMI RiskCoach, as well as a new eBook for the series, specifically in cyber, is also coming soon.

In the meantime, please logon to PolicyComparison.com and compare the features and benefits of the cyber policies on offer.

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