Lessons learned from a fire in Brisbane – Part 3

InsulationContinuing from Part 2 that I posted about yesterday following a fire in Paddington, I touched on the issue of the modern construction technique of using foam paneling over a timber or steel frame.

There is no building regulations which, to my mind, cover the adequate waterproof sealing of joints particularly in the case of internal corners on a building.

I believe that without using the proper materials which ensure a good waterproof seal on the corners combined with adequate training there is a weakness within the construction which allows water to enter these buildings. This may not manifest itself immediately but will over time.

This water will attack and cause damage to the timber and/or steel frame resulting in rusting of metal or the rotting of timber studs and possible damage to internal finishes and even the development of mold.

What I would hate to see is that home owners find that they cannot insure for water damage and or that their homes become un-insurable completely as a result. This would of course then effect the market value of the property. By the time this all comes to light, will the home still be under warranty and or the builder /subcontractor still be around to seek recovery from.

It certainly is an issue that regulators and builder associations should address sooner rather than later and also architects and home owners need to be mindful of.


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