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PCI homeAs an ongoing service to our valued subscribers to LMI PolicyComparison Australia, I list below the policy comparisons that have been added to Australia’s premier policy features and benefits comparison website in the last month. You can now view these comparisons at

AAMI Landlord Insurance – A01460_0214B
Achmea Australia All in One Farm Pack – AIOFP_VA2.0_1114
Allianz Farm Pack – POL065BAFI_1014
Allianz Marine & Transit Underwriting Agency Cargo Insurance within Australia (Accidental Damage) – POL615BAAM&T_0315
Allianz Marine & Transit Underwriting Agency Carriers Insurance Package – POL260BAAM&T_0315
APIA Boat Insurance – AP02679_0713E
APIA Car Advantage Insurance – AP02571_0814E
APIA Caravan Insurance – AP02576_0713F
APIA Home and Contents Extra Insurance – AP02655_0615
APIA Home and Contents Insurance – AP02580_0615
APIA Landlord Insurance – AP02611_0615
Axis Underwriting Services Residential Strata Insurance – AXISRESPOL_0115
Berkley Insurance Australia Real Estate Agents Professional Indemnity Insurance – BIA-RealEstatePI_1014
Brooklyn Underwriting Strata Insurance – Strata_1014
Calliden Insurance Business Travel Insurance – 14PDSCALBTA01_1214
Calliden Insurance First Option Business Insurance – CASL-GLA-FOP_0415
Cemac Pty Ltd Contractors Plant and Machinery and Liability Policy – CEM-CPML_1212
CFC Underwriting Esurance CPM Policy – CFC-CPM-AUS_V1.8_0714
CGU Insurance Ltd Padlock Insurance Policy – CV476_REV2_1014-CID0192_REV4_1214
CommInsure Home Insurance – Defined Events – CIL1516_0515
CommInsure Home Insurance – Landlords – CIL1516_0515
CommInsure Home Insurance – Optional Accidental Damage – CIL1516_0515
Dual Australia Pty Ltd Corporate Travel Policy – DUALCTPDS_0315
Dual Australia Pty Ltd Professional Indemnity Design and Engineering Policy – DUAL-PI-DesEng_0814
eSentry Underwriting Annual (Run Off Basis) Construction Legal Liability & Professional Indemnity Policy – TMNF-CWA(RO)-POL2014-V1_1114
eSentry Underwriting Annual (Transfer Basis) Construction Legal Liability & Professional Indemnity Policy – TMNF-CWA(T)-POL2014-V1_1114
eSentry Underwriting Single Project – Construction Legal Liability & Professional Indemnity Policy – TMNF-CWPS-POL2014-V1_1114
Liberty International Underwriters Cyber Suite Insurance Policy – LIU-AUS-Cyber_1012
Longitude Insurance Commercial Strata Insurance – LONGCSI-03_0415
Longitude Insurance Residential Strata Insurance – LONGRSI-03_0415
Mansions of Australia Home and Contents Insurance – 13PDSMANHC01_1114
Nova Underwriting Professional Indemnity Insurance (Miscellaneous Risks BOPD) – BOPD_1214
NRMA Insurance Landlord Insurance (NSW, ACT & TAS) – G013134_0515
Pen Underwriting Annual Contract Works and Construction Liability Policy – AnnualCW_0315
Pen Underwriting Business Travel Insurance – BusinessTravel_0415
Pen Underwriting Single Project Contract Works and Construction Liability Policy – SingleProjectCW_0315
RAA Comprehensive Car Insurance – MVPDS_0315
Suncorp Metway Insurance Limited Boat Insurance – 13738_0514B
Suncorp Metway Insurance Limited Home and Contents Insurance – 12314_0514C
Suncorp Metway Insurance Limited Strata Insurance – 27877_0415A
TIO Territory Construction Insurance – Construction_0115
Vero (Australia) Household Removals Insurance – All Risks – V5431_0314A

We take this opportunity to remind you that the LMI PolicyComparison website offers more than policy comparisons. Visit the site to view our extensive policy library, Standard & Poors’ financial strength ratings, a list of alternative markets, and more. We also draft wordings and endorsements, carry out peer reviews and policy health checks.

Besides Australia, we also provide LMI PolicyComparison in New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa as a web based subscription service. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.

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