Latest book – The Great Fire of London – 1666 – The Birth of Modern Fire Insurance.

Front and back covers of The Great Fire of London – The Birth of Modern Fire Insurance

Following the wonderful reception that my book first photobook, Carter v Boehm celebrating the 250th anniversary of Utmost Good Faith received, I returned with Steve Manning’s assistance to my first love, that is, research and writing on insurance and have recently published a second book in the coffee table format/series. This time celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London and how this in turn led to the development of modern fire insurance companies, lead by Nicholas Barbon.

For those of you interested in insurance and/or history, you will be intrigued to note that Barbon also invented the concept of town houses. He was truly a remarkable and innovative man, a medical doctor and politician as well as land developer and insurer.

One of the items in our insurance memorabilia/realia collection is a copy of a policy from 1698 signed by Dr Barbon. A photograph of this features naturally in the book.

The image accompanying this post is of the front and back covers of the book.

If you are attending either the upcoming Steadfast or AIMS conferences, call past the LMI Group booth and have a look at the book or the earlier one on the birth of Good Faith in insurance.

To order either book, please visit

I am already working on the next revisiting Donoghue v Stevenson, the most important case in the 800 years of English Common Law and a non insurance related one on the Normandy Landings in World War II.

No doubt the major conference that I wrote about earlier this week on the history of marine and general insurance will be the source of a future book as well.

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