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Stay Safe Red Rubber Stamp On WhiteAs I reported yesterday, LMI Group was the subject of a violent robbery on Saturday 9th July 2016.

The police asked if we had anyone unusual come to our building in the last week or so before the robbery and our receptionist recalled that someone claiming to be from Google wanted to do a 360 walk through of our office. She and two other staff who went to her aid when he would not take the initial no as an answer, all explained that it was a security breach and we would not allow it.

Since the robbery, we have contacted Google to see if the person is legitimate and they advised that they do have people out doing this sort of thing but cannot advise where they operate from, whether they have identification or the type of buildings they are to do.

While I can see the advantage of this in museums and shopping centres, I do not see any advantage in having this information publicly available in private businesses other than it being a great tool for dishonest acts of all types, whether this be burglary, armed hold ups, terrorism, kidnap or arson.
From a security point of view, I would not allow anyone to come through my building and I would strongly urge that Google provide some form of identification to these contractors to ensure that they are legitimate.

If anyone else comes to our building, I have instructed our staff to take a photocopy of their identification.

I urge all my readers, and in the case of insurance brokers, to discuss this security issue with your Insureds. It is one thing to do a walk through with a camera or video camera to record your premises for Risk Management and Insurance purposes, but it is another to make it publicly available.

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