It will never happen to me comes very close to home !

FullSizeRender (00000002)Last Sunday I was working in the office catching up on some work, and ended up being at the wrong end of a simple accident.

An electrical appliance boiling water was plugged into a power point inside a cupboard and as I bent down to unplug the item, I moved the cupboard door which in turn pulled the appliance off the bench and on top of me, scalding the side of my face with boiling water and steam.

There are a number of lessons learned from this. The first was that soon after the kitchenette area was finished, I realised that there were not enough power points and I have seen a couple of times where people have used appliances with cables across the floor or from this cupboard which I observed created a risk. I have been looking for a way to install additional power points, but could not work it out.

The second was that when you are tired an accident is more likely to occur.

The third lesson for me was that being a new Grandfather just how important it is not to have any appliance with hot water or steam in a position where a young child could pull it down on top of themselves, such as a saucepan on a stove with the handle out, or any electrical appliance where the cord is below bench height. While the injury was a wake-up call and has prompted me to get the electrician back to work out a way to safely install additional power points to reduce the risk, I also thank my lucky stars that the cupboard door that caused the cord to pull the appliance on top of me, also protected my eye from the scalding water and steam.

Finally the incident reminded me that simple mistakes can result in catastrophic consequences and that anyone who thinks it will never happen to them is fooling themselves.

At day three while the burn looks terrible, it is all healing with no sign of infection I have been able to continue working as normal which I am sure a number of people who do not know me, simply thinking that I have an unfortunate birthmark.


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