Is this the best solution for the key less car theft issue?

Following my recent post that was addressing vehicle security and with the relatively new key less car technology causing a few headaches, it was shared with me some possible solutions to stop the thieves from being able to scan and connect to the keys.

That is – wrap the key in aluminium foil and store it in the microwave, among a few others.

The article also writes “you should also be aware that this kind of signal stealing isn’t a problem just for car key fobs. Newer passports and other I.D. cards contain radio frequency identification chips that enable criminals to use a high-powered RFID reader to steal your information from a distance. You don’t need aluminum foil, however.”

LMI Group have actually had some RFID sleeve’s made for storing your cards in to block this signal that we have used as giveaways, any of my blog readers are more than welcome to drop into our Melbourne office in Camberwell and we will happily give you one for your use.



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