Is this job right for you?

bigstock-135462440The following is an note that was sent to me today by a SME business owner who has been trying to get a simple and fair claim sorted for well over a year.

The contents claim went through really well. In fact, it could not have gone better. On the other hand, the building claim, particularly the building fixtures portion, has been a case of delay deny defend.

The Financial Ombudsmen Service must been seen to fair and correct in their dealings with the determinations to be completed in a timely fashion. At the moment much of the public and within the insurance industry have lost faith in the service. We need this foundation to be right as the first step in the Make Insurance Great Again campaign.

Before I reproduce the email and the advertisement, I am personally disappointed that a) the role does not require any experience in general insurance and b) that the role does not provide commentary on the rulings themselves.

If we take the AFL for instance. the umpires have a review system where they go through the decisions and learn from their mistakes. This is something that I urge FOS seriously consider as some of the determinations I have read beggar belief.


Hi Allan,

Happy 2017, I hope that your year is a bit less eventful than 2016!

Re your blog post today, I had previously nearly sent you the article myself.

Further below is a copy & paste of a job advertised on Seek regarding a currently advertised FOS position, I first saw it on here:

It may be of interest to your readers, particularly those that have been through the FOS process, as they may get a chuckle out of the below….not sure if you will see the funny side or not (I somehow think that Peter [LMI Legal] would). I think one of the Facebook comments summed things up well, saying “What the?????”

Regardless, maybe one of your readers may be interested in the position…. that is if they fancy being ‘appointed by’ and subsequently ‘reporting to the FOS board’ regarding ‘independently’ 😉 reviewing complaints about service issues in FOS’s dispute handling.

Regards [withheld name]


The below job advertisement is advertised here:

Independent Assessor

Financial Ombudsman Service – More jobs by this advertiser

Independent Assessor

Who we are

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) Australia is an independent, non-profit organisation offering fair and accessible dispute resolution services to consumers and financial services providers across banking, finance, investments, credit and insurance in Australia.

About the role

The FOS Board has decided to appoint a part-time (0.6 FTE) independent assessor to independently review complaints about service issues in FOS’s dispute handling. This is a new role. The person will be appointed by and report to the FOS Board.

FOS is committed to improving the service we provide, acting on feedback and embedding a culture of continuous improvement across the organisation. We currently have a robust organisation-wide quality assurance program and a comprehensive internal complaints process.

The independent assessor role is designed to enhance our existing internal complaints process by providing an additional independent review of complaints about FOS’s service that have not been resolved through FOS’s internal review process.

The independent assessor will review complaints from individual consumers and financial firms on service issues relating to the handing of a dispute, and will not review the substance of a FOS decision. The independent assessor will not act as a review or appeal mechanism on the findings or outcomes of FOS decisions, or the substance of a dispute or jurisdictional decision.

About you

To be successful in the role:

  • You will have significant senior level experience in a legal firm, tribunal, external dispute resolution (EDR) scheme, financial sector firm, community organisation, government agency or business entity.
  • You will have hands-on investigation, case, complaints or service review experience at a senior level.
  • You will be able to communicate investigation recommendations in a succinct, clear and accurate way.
  • You will be able to demonstrate a strong ability to command the respect of stakeholders within the financial sector and community.
  • You are comfortable with the public scrutiny that comes with the role.

As this is a new role, the successful candidate may be required to work full-time for an initial period to fully embed the independent review process. FOS is located in Melbourne, however, it is not essential that the successful candidate be Melbourne based.

To apply for this role, please submit your cover letter and resume via by Friday 27 January 2017.

For more information please call David Peters, Senior Manager – People and Development on (03) 9613 6313.

2 responses to “Is this job right for you?”

  1. Cheryl Richardson says:

    Interesting reading on the Victimsof FOS Facebook page. I am quite astounded!

  2. Allan says:

    Yes and I am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg. When people lose faith in public institutions designed to protect them, they lose faith which opens the doors of change hence the likes of Brexit and Trump.

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