Is the Queensland Government’s $51 Million on Flood Relief too Little?

Flood WarningWhile it is pleasing that some funds have been ear marked for flood mitigation, I question just how far such a relatively small amount for such a big problem will go.

My greatest fear is that it will be wasted on consultants doing studies that will be ignored as in the past and not actually fixing the massive problem facing the state.

If you think I am being unfair, if we take Gympie as an example, after the 2011 floods the only money spent, and it was a minuscule amount, was for such a study. It was only when the city was flooded again in 2013 that any remedial works were finally commissioned.

Governments at all levels ignore risk management and flood mitigation at their peril. To keep ignoring it means that they continue to set up the people of their state or local authority to fail when the next flood occurs.

In the US, I read with interest that Zurich, whose North American Head Office is just outside Chicago, has launched legal proceedings against twelve local authorities for ignoring climate change. It will continue to read this story with interest and post comments along the way.

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