Interesting Article on Drones

droneOne of the many topics the panel discussed in the latest round of the Zurich Zenith program was the increased use of technology in claims.

I explain that to reduce the risk associated with work place health and safety, in both claims and in our risk surveys, LMI have been experimenting with drones. So far the results have been positive with excellent photos and video using a DJI Phantom 2.

While it is more efficient and safer in some regards it does open up issues around aviation liability which I explained. The issue of privacy is another topic in itself I will cover off on both issues in a future posting.

What I do want to achieve in this post is to suggest to brokers to ask clients if they are using this technology and, if so, ensure they are fully insured. The hull is next to impossible to insure but the liability can be covered for a cost.

The second was to include a link to an interesting post. Thanks Stephanie of Your Insurance Brokers for passing the article on to me.

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