Insurance Bites – a fresh way to explain insurance

insurance bitesWith the marketing emphasis of buying insurance more and more on first of all price and secondly how easy insurance is, my son Steve Manning has embarked on an ambitious campaign to explain the basics and importance of insurance. He has chosen to develop a YouTube channel, LMI, with a series named Insurance Bites to educate the general public in an informative but entertaining way.

He has now filmed and released 10 episodes with very positive reviews, with more to come. One episode is being written, filmed, edited and released per week which despite being a lot on top of his heavy workload is proving doable.

If you have not seen one of them yet please go here for this week’s episode on changes to some motor insurance policies which now include an exclusion where the driver is using a mobile device.

If you have a topic that you would like see covered in the videos please let Steve or I know.

Several brokers and industry associations have arranged for the videos and or my blog posts to be uploaded to their website automatically. The benefit to them is that it keeps their customers up to date and informed and therefore helps as a sales tool, education piece and protector of their professional indemnity program.

Further because their website is being constantly updated on at least a weekly basis it is assisting their website’s ranking by internet search engines. If you are interested in learning more about this for your organisation’s website please let me know by emailing

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