Insurance Article in PNG’s ‘The National’ newspaper

The team from Alpha Insurance, one of the groups trained during our visit.

A week or so back, my son Steve and I visited PNG as part of LMI Group’s and our personal commitment to assist in the training of insurance personnel in developing countries. Similar visits have been made to Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and other Pacific Countries.

As so often happens I am interviewed by the local press and I thought I would share the article that appeared in yesterday’s edition of The National. National News Article

Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed the visit and it is one of those instances where you take away much more than you give.

One of the surprises was that we were both amazed at the development in the country’s infrastructure and sporting facilities in the past 7 years which appeared to be double that of the previous 25 years.

Port Moresby’s new water based hockey pitch.

We are now putting together a donation of sporting equipment, particularly field hockey goalie protection as we were particularly impressed in the new hockey facilities and both Steve and Susan played first grade hockey as goalies.

We have arranged that it will be sent up over the next week or so. We know it will be put to good use and have made good connections to ensure that this occurs.

We strongly believe that sport and team sport in particular will be great for the youth of PNG in reducing conflict and keeping the youth away from rascal gangs.

All in all we found it a most uplifting trip.

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