In support of the campaign against the coward punch

coward-punchI could not believe it when I was advised that the young man who was king hit from behind on the Gold Coast recently was the nephew of one of my closest friends.

Only last year I had helped this same friend in sorting out a claim for her brother, someone who I had known myself for over 30 years, who was hit without any provocation by someone who it appears was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. The victim was volunteering for a charity handing out meals to the homeless when he was approached by the culprit and, without any warning, hit in the head.

The victim in that case is named Jeff. Jeff had a senior good paying job but has not been able to return to full time work as a result of the injuries he sustained. The prognosis is he never will and he has had to take early retirement.

It goes without saying this was a life changing event for someone who was out in the community trying to do good. The whole family went through hell during the recovery which is on-going more than a year later.

While working with LMI Legal we were able to obtain a very fair settlement for Jeff, I have personally been frustrated at the lack of progress by the Queensland Police in this matter, who as I understand, know who is responsible but have not tracked him down and brought him to justice. My concern is not for retaliation but I fear he will do it again as he had attacked others on the same night prior to hitting Jeff.

Now in the same family they have a young man out celebrating his 21st birthday king hit. As yet medical staff have not been able to wake him frocoward-punch-campaignm the coma he is in.

My heart goes out to the family and my hopes and prayers are that Thom (the victim) makes a full recovery.

No doubt the family of all those involved, victim and culprits are worried sick about this event as am I.

I fully support the work of Danny Green and all those involved in the One Punch Campaign Australia.

How we fix this problem I am not sure but education is certainly a good start.

While prohibition is clearly not the answer the extended hours that clubs pubs etc can trade must be looked at nationwide.


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  1. Allan says:

    I received an email from a reading informing me further with another article on this topic that a friend of Thom’s who was with him that night has also suffered a king hit in the past in 2014. This is a terrible thing that is happening all too often.

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