Having the right values

I was honoured to be invited to a retirement function for Bruce Mather, who I’ve worked with since the start of LMI Group.

Bruce has had an impressive career with nearly 50 years within the insurance industry and all but 5 of them as an insurance broker.

I was most impressed with his speech in which he always appreciated how much risk his business clients had taken on just starting the business, often mortgaging their homes and putting so much time and energy into developing their business and he took it as a grave responsibility to ensure that they were well protected with their insurance program.

I could see this with the quality of the programs his clients had and the interest that he took in ensuring that his clients received a fair and equitable settlement to any claim. His settlements mirror my own when I take on the responsibility of assisting an insured with a major claim which can undo all the good work of the business owner in literally a heart beat.

I wish Bruce a long, healthy and enjoyable retirement, one that is certainly well earned and deserved.

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