Have you ever had a claim paid on Spontaneous Combustion exclusion under the ISR?

I was asked a question by a broker as follows:

“Hi Alan, Having listened to you so many times  I was wondering and  would appreciate if you could advise if you have ever got a claim paid under the Spontaneous Combustion exclusion under the ISR and is it ok to assume that the first load spontaneously combusted and then the heat caused the others to follow, and only the first load would be not covered in the claim?


Kind Regards” AJ [First and Last name and email provided]


I found this interesting and informative and thought I would share with you all.


“Good morning,

I can assure you that over the 45 odd years of doing claims I have certainly been involved in a number of claims that have originated with spontaneous combustion from oily rags to a raft of different grains, kernels and copra.

If all the stock was in one big pile then the entire pile of whatever caught fire spontaneously would be excluded. However, any silo or other property insured under the policy would be insured.

If on the other hand the stock was in several piles and only one spontaneously combusted and it spread from one stockpile to another or from one truck load to another, or one silo to another, then only the first one, that is the one that combusted, would be excluded.

I hope this explains the situation.




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