Happy Birthday Blog

Today marks the 3rd birthday of this blog starting on 10th April 2014.

Since then, 950+ posts have been published and by sharing it on LMI and my own personal Linked In, Twitter and Facebook pages over 10,000 subscribe and over the total reads has been over 1,000,000.

The posts that get the most attention are when I have a rant but this cannot and should not be faked and so they do not come along too often.

Over half have been answering questions put to me and these have come from 6 continents and just under 50 countries. I do not post all the questions and answers for a variety of reasons but where appropriate I do.

The accountant in me records the time I spend on the posts as I soon realised that writing a blog post takes a lot more time than I thought. Checking today, I was staggered to see that if I were to charge for the time at my standard charge out rate the cost in writing the blog has been over $250,000 plus the cost of subscribing to Bigstock photos so that I do not breach copyright with any images.

The way I look at it is that each time someone reads a post the investment is around 0.25cents but more importantly if just one client is better protected, one Professional Indemnity claim is avoided, if the general insurance industry is better regarded and understood, then the investment is well worth while.

The blog is not a chore as I write on topics I love and the thought of helping people is extremely satisfying. I too learn from the experience as I do not always know the answer of a question off the top of my head and then I go and research it and so am better off for it as well.

For the budding blogger, please use a good system. Mine has had 96,410 malicious attacks and the worst bit until I put a spam filter on the site is that you get bombarded with spam comments. Since I put on the filter about 18 months ago, it has blocked 46,628 spam comments.

I do have to be careful to ensure that I know where the question comes from and that I have all the facts particularly where I sense it is a live claim. I do get frustrated when the person asking is just using me and claiming it as their own work or they have engaged an expert for a fee who has not been able to answer the question and then expects me to address some complex issue for free. I do expect to be treated fairly and not just used.

I am looking forward to posting my 1,000 post in a month or two, a milestone that has been reached a lot quicker than I thought and I have no plans to stop just yet as there are no doubt heaps more questions to answer and just as many issues that will pop into my head that I wish to share and debate.

So keep the questions coming.

PS, several people have contacted me saying that surely it has been more than 3 years. It turns out that the system I use only records the last 3 years. When I went back and looked at the first post, it was 4th October 2011 so it is really 5 1/2 years of blogging. Talk about time flying when you are having fun.

I double checked the other stats and except for the total number of posts and subscribers which are correct as reported above, the reads, attacks, spam comments etc are only for past three years. It is therefore more widely used that I realised.

Thanks to all that have contacted me via email etc to say how much you enjoy the articles.


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  1. Sarah Richer says:

    Congratulations Allan.
    So much valid, useful information has been provided by you during the past 3 years, you are an inspiration and we are so lucky that you share your wisdom.
    The one thing I really appreciate is that the way you explain things is so easy to understand.
    looking forward to the next 3 years!!

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