Good to see Local Councils Looking at Flood Mitigation

govt newsI was pleased to see an article in Government News that local councils are seeking funding to address the issue of flood. This is certainly long over due. The irony is that often these same councils have, during periods of drought, allowed developers to sub-divide and otherwise develop wet lands and other areas that are in flood plains.

This really is setting up young families and small business owners to fail when they buy and or build in these areas.

If I were the State and Federal Governments, I would certainly support the councils request for cash, but as part of the deal make sure that this sort of problem does not just get moved down the river, where more innocent people will have their lives turned up side down when the next big wet comes.

To read the article please visit: Government News.

Thanks to regular reader of this blog ,Adam Matteson of Arch Underwriting at Lloyd’s, for passing on the article to me for comment. Other readers are encouraged to pass on any other articles you come across that you think readers here would be interested in.


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