Good to see an alternative view point on beach erosion

sea bridge of Gromitz, groin in foregroundOn the 8th June I wrote an article venting my frustration that the media was focusing on the half dozen or so homes that were damaged by the action of the sea and therefore in all likelihood not insured and not the tens thousands of home and business owners who were having their claim promptly and fairly handled. See 

My position was and remains that these homes were built in the wrong place originally and it is not the role of the insurance industry to continually fix the problems of developers, local authorities and/or state governments.

While I set out my grievances then including a suggestion that the insurance industry not advertise on free to air television or radio while the unbiased reporting continues, it is important that I also write to congratulate those that do look at both sides. On Friday, Channel 9’s Today show, who was one of the primary shows I was venting at, aired a segment where an expert in land care and beach erosion explained just how foolish it was to build homes in areas along the Australian or any coastline which is subject to large and sudden erosion. This is of course what any thinking person knows and understands.

He further explained a point that I was not aware of but had seen in Queensland during other similar events, and that is, that while rock groins (groynes)  work as intended, sand moving along the beach in the so-called down-drift direction is trapped on the up-drift side of the groin, causing a sand deficit and increasing erosion rates on the down-drift side. This well-documented and unquestioned impact is widely cited in the engineering and geologic literature.

I picked up from the segment that the homes and other structures effected where in this down-drift side of groins built some time ago.

While I applaud Channel 9 for this segment, it would have been nice to have it a day or two after the event and certainly before the tirade against the industry and the hundreds of loss adjusters, claims preparers and claims officers doing their best to handle the claims promptly and fairly for the good of our clients, communities and economy.

One response to “Good to see an alternative view point on beach erosion”

  1. Gary McNeil says:

    Here here Allan. Not the 1st time & sadly won’t be the last.
    You are a shining light in our Industry.
    I live in the (Sydney) Blue Mountains.
    Different Insurer claims issues raised their head when bushfires devastated our Community, but the same Insurer bashing went on.
    It’s so easy to criticise for the sake of a media ‘story’.
    Please keep up your good work.
    I’ll try to do my best in my little neck of the woods.

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