Fined for using a mobile phone while in charge of a motorised lawn mower

As regular readers will know I am a very strong advocate against the use of mobile phones, particularly texting while driving. I support the introduction of exclusions in motor vehicle policies as a deterrent against this extremely dangerous practice.

I therefore read with interest that police in the UK pulled over a council employee who was, I gather, driving the motorised industrial ride on lawn mower, between jobs while using his mobile phone.

Not only is he expected to be fined but also disciplined by his employer.

If you are an employer, do you have a procedure in your staff manual about the use of mobile phones while in charge of any motorised vehicle. If not, it may be time for a review. Keep your staff, the public and your brand reputation safe.

Children on the farm. older brother driving a lawn mower, younger brother running after him

While looking for a suitable photo to compliment the article I found this one (see left) that immediately got me thinking about another obvious risk. Children in and around motorised equipment, especially on farms and parks. The dangers here are just too serious to picture but only a fool would ignore them!


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