Fake Android apps are a genuine cyber threat to avoid

Melbourne, Australia - May 17, 2016: Browsing the Google Play Store on Android smartphone. It is an app store for the Android OS, allowing users to download app, music, movies and TV shows

Browsing the Google Play Store on Android smartphone. 

As I carry our research to up date Mannings Guide to Cyber Security, I found this warning regarding apps for Android mobile phones provided by CFC Underwriting in London. It read:

“Never, ever download apps outside of authorised app stores. Never. Attackers are using Gooligan malware as a launch pad for rogue Android apps aimed at stealing users’ data. According to security researchers, the best way to avoid being stung is by steering clear of dodgy app stores and sticking religiously to Google Play Store. There, at least, a number of controls are in place to detect fake or hostile apps.”

To read more please go to this link to Wired Magazine. https://www.wired.com/2016/12/never-ever-ever-download-android-apps-outside-google-play/

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