Ebay joins the warning on imported products


Source: ebay.com

I have posted a couple of articles of late advising of the fines and lack of insurance cover for imported products that contain asbestos.

A Gold Coast broker has written in response as follows:

Further to this I thought it interesting that as of a week ago certain purchases on eBay – namely from china – come up with a warning that I am responsible for making sure that the item meets Australian standards, this included the purchase of a child’s mechanical money box.


Jemma [surname and email provided]

Image provided by reader Jemma

Image provided by reader Jemma

The warning does not mention asbestos but rather is a general warning which covers a multiple of possible issues.

I really doubt such a warning will do anything other than reduce the liability of ebay and that products that really should not be coming into Australia will continue to do so with consequences that may not manifest for years.

Let us assume someone imports a gift for a relative or friend and they become ill or are injured. A budding entrepreneur imports goods which cause injury. These sort of folk will not have liability coverage under their home or business policies nor will they have product recall. This is the risk to them, but want of the people who ultimately obtain the product which contains asbestos or some other failure. It really can become a case of Russian roulette as to whether or not they become ill or injured.

Urrr! The feeling I have when I have no workable answer!

Thanks Jemma for sharing your findings and taking the time to write.


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