Does your home policy cover your landscaping?

Garden stone path with grass growing up between the stonesI was out assisting a bush fire victim today and was surprised to see that with the particular policy they were covered under, despite it being the top of the range policy for this insurer, had no cover at all for ‘Landscaping, trees, shrubs and plants’ of any description.

Upon looking on we found that with even some of the most basic policies with other insurers there is cover for landscaping, trees and shrubs and the like, ranging from $1,500 – $20,000. Some policies do not provide cover, this surprised me as I am used to seeing this cover for landscaping including plants in business packs and certainly in the ones I draft.

In the case I was assisting with today, this was something that was very disappointing for my clients as they are keen gardeners and what the fire didn’t get initially, the builders have destroyed in the reconstruction process.

If you are in any doubt about your home and contents policy, please discuss this with your insurance broker, who using tools such as can quickly advise you on the cover available under the various insurers.

The cover on this one aspect can vary enormously, with monetary limits, distance restrictions from the home as well as other exclusions including embargo periods from the inception date of the policy.

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