Consider vehicle security when you purchase your next car

I read with disbelief that luxury car manufacturer, BMW has been reported in an article in the Daily Mail newspaper which caught my son Steve’s eye while he was in the UK, that they (BMW) are unable to prevent thieves from using a simple relay box to break into their top of the range model vehicles. Furthermore, the car giant, renowned for its excellence in engineering, continues to refuse to take any responsibility for the many of their customer’s cars that are being stolen.

While owners of the latest BMWs think they benefit from the new key-less ‘comfort access’ system, which deactivates all in-car security merely by approaching their car with the key fob in their pocket, . Unfortunately, thieves simply use a relay box that is available to anyone on the internet, and this device provides them with the ability to activate the same signal from the fob while it is still in the owner’s home.

Understandably BMW has received a great deal of criticism for what appears to be its uncaring, pass the buck, it is not my problem, attitude from crime fighters, who are also calling for greater controls on the online sale of devices designed to assist criminal activity.

No doubt this security issue will be reflected in higher insurance premiums for owners of these vehicles which in fairness to BMW is not confined to just their brand.

Before that issue however, there is an interesting exclusion in many motor policies regarding keys left in vehicles. If the stolen vehicle is stolen and then recovered with absolutely no sign of a physical break-in etc, no doubt further questions will be asked of the Insured in respect of the keys.

One way that seems to work to protect vehicle owners is that they can secure their car key fobs in box or the like which has a shield that stops the thieves, much like some wallets or credit card holders.

It is certainly an issue that I will keep in mind when I get around to upgrading my aging vehicle. Perhaps I am better off with the older technology but I also see the great benefits in driverless technology moving forward.

I think however this is something that we all need to keep in mind.

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  1. Peter H says:

    Thank you Allan, yet another reason why I will not be buying another BMW.

    I heard today crooks are now getting remote operated garage doors to open by finding the code with a device.

    The solution is you have a rolling code fitted new every time you open the door. The manufacturer will assist with this.


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