Congratulations Ron Tatarka on Elite Broker of the Year Award

RonI would like to join those congratulating Ron Tatarka, the founder and Managing Director of Scott Winton Insurance Brokers, for winning this prestigious award for the second year running.

LMI do a lot with Ron and his team and it is not only nice, but a measure of the quality of Ron, that he mentioned the relationship we have as being one of the reasons for the continued growth in his business.

From our perspective, after trying to be all things to all people for many years, we have changed our own strategy. We will still provide some services to the general market such as this free blog, but the strategy means we are working with a small group of professional brokers in each state in a close partnership and providing additional services and higher service standards for them.

We believe, as do those that we are working with us,  in what we are calling our Platinum Partner Program, whereby what the LMI team bring to the table gives the brokerage a competitive advantage and those brokers attract more of the right sort of clients, who in turn value risk management and want to be fully protected. As brokerages, like Ron’s, who was one of the first to embrace the  LMI Platinum Partner concept, grow, as a result, LMI grows along side them with more mutual clients to serve.

This is not just about making a dollar, or winning awards, it is about the job satisfaction and taking away that feeling of  just being used(up) and not valued, which we have when all we are asked for is free technical advice, or to put the toothpaste back in the tube when something has turned really nasty.

The other part of the strategy centres around succession and developing relationships between the younger members of our team, such as my son Steve and Revell Weightman, head of LMI Forensics, who are developing relationships with the next generation of leaders such as Ron’s son, Avi, and others within the organisation. LMI will be around long after I will be gone and this, again, is not a one way street under the Platinum Partner Program where those next generation leaders in the brokers are taking a long term approach to training and working with a company who they know will be there supporting and working with them long after others have moved on.

Congratulations Ron and thank you Ron. While I  do not want to take anything away from you, I see your win as vindication of the strategy backing up your hard work and drive. The thank you is for agreeing to work with LMI as you do and for your kind words.

To read the published article on the win please visit–elite-broker-2014-186933.aspx

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