Comparisons now available at PolicyComparison

Comparisons now available at PolicyComparison

As a service to our valued subscribers, we list below the policy comparisons that have been added to

Australia’s premier policy comparison website in the last month. You can now view these comparisons at

AI Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance – ComprehensiveCar_0615
AI Insurance Smart Box Car Insurance – SmartBoxCar_0615
Allianz Classic Motor Insurance – POL139CLUB_1014
Allianz Prestige Motor Insurance – POL140CLUB_1014
Ansvar Insurance Limited Landlord Insurance – POL595FIANS_0215
APIA Caravan Insurance – AP02576_0515
ARGIS Insurance Farm Extra Insurance – CASL-GLA-ARGISFarm_0515
Berkley Insurance Australia IT Professionals Liability Insurance – BIA-ITProfessionals_1014 Pty Ltd Car Insurance – B03204_0615 Pty Ltd Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance – B03203_0615
CGU Insurance Ltd Fundamentals Home Insurance with Flood Cover – PID1259-F_REV6_1214-CV458-F_REV1_0415
CGU Professional Risks Insurance Medical Establishments Indemnity Policy – P0038_REV9_0415
CGU Professional Risks Insurance Professional Indemnity Insurance – CGU-PI_1212-P0091_REV5_0515
Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Ltd Peoplesure Corporate Travel Insurance – 15CTPDSPW_0515
Club Marine Limited Pleasurecraft Insurance – CMLPOL_0215
Commercial and Trucksure Fleet and Heavy Haulage Insurance – QM1954_0415
Hollard Insurance Co Pty Ltd Listed Events Home Insurance – SC10089_0213
Hollard Insurance Co Pty Ltd Residential Landlords Insurance – SC10257_0213
IUA (Interruption Underwriting Agencies) Interruption Insurance – QM2443_0515
NRMA Insurance Easybiz Business Insurance – G001215_0515
NRMA Insurance Easybiz@home Business Insurance – G012717_0515
NRMA Insurance Home Insurance – (QLD) – G013947_0515
Resilium Business Insurance – R00026_0314
Resilium Business Insurance for Professionals – R00027_0314
Resilium Trade Insurance – R00028_0314
SGIC Easybiz Business Insurance – G001536_0515
SGIC Easybiz@home Business Insurance – G012742_0515
SGIO Easybiz Business Insurance – G001411_0515
SGIO Easybiz@home Business Insurance – G012741_0515
Zurich Australian Insurance Limited Directors and Officers Liability Insurance – PCUS-009742-2015_V7_0914

We take this opportunity to remind you that the LMI PolicyComparison website offers more than policy

comparisons. Visit the site to view our extensive policy library, Standard & Poors’ financial strength ratings,

a list of alternative markets, and more.

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The LMI PolicyComparison Team

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