Comparisons now available at PolicyComparison New Zealand

PCI homeComparisons now available at PolicyComparison

As a service to our valued subscribers, we list below the policy comparisons that have been added to

New Zealand’s premier policy comparison website in the last month. You can now view these comparisons at

Lumley General – NZ Machinery Breakdown Policy – LUM1074-1_1215
Lumley General – NZ Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) Professional Indemnity Employees Protection Liability – LUM1532-1_1215
Lumley General – NZ Contractors Plant and Machinery Policy – LUM1012-1_1215
Lumley General – NZ Contractors Plant, Machinery and Tools Policy – LUM1011-01_1215
Lumley General – NZ Transit, Erection and Testing Policy – LUM1089-1_1215
Lumley General – NZ On Site Single Risk Contract Works Policy – LUM1088-1_1215
Lumley General – NZ Machinery Breakdown Policy – Loss of Profits (Revenue Wording) – LUM1076-1_1215
Lumley General – NZ Machine Breakdown Policy – Additional Cost of Working – LUM1077-1_1215
Lumley General – NZ Trustees Liability Insurance Policy – LUM1547-1_1215
Lumley General – NZ Legal Prosecution Defence Policy – LUM1535-1_1215
Lumley General – NZ Management Shield Combined Liability Policy – LUM1549-1_1215
Zurich – NZ Security and Privacy Protection Insurance – PCUS-009848_V5_0215
Chubb (NZ) Business Travel Insurance Policy – CHUBBNZ14-16_0616


We take this opportunity to remind you that theLMI PolicyComparison website offers more than policy

comparisons. Visit the site to view our extensive policy library, Standard & Poors’ financial strength ratings,

a list of alternative markets, and more.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. A Contact Us button is provided for this purpose

on the site.

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The LMI PolicyComparison Team

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