Co-Badging of eBooks proving popular

Picture1Since their launch in the third quarter of 2013, a number of brokers have sought to co-badge/dual badge the books with their logo and to have the brokers name incorporated into the text throughout the book.

LMI charge the very modest fee to do this work and it is then able to be hosted on the brokers website. The brokers who have made the investment have reported back very positive feedback on the reaction from their clients and importantly increased sales.

From LMI’s side, the fee covers the cost of our graphic artist to make the changes and to fund other titles in the series.

One broker wished to go further and produce a hard copy of a co-badged version for their clients at an industry conference.

Downloads of the original eBooks are available at no cost at (you may need to scroll down a little to see the links) and you are most welcome to send out a link(s) as is.

If you would like to explore this topic of co-badging further please drop me an email at

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