LMIGroup are pleased to announce the next evolution in its award-winning system LMIRiskCoach with RiskCoach OnTheGo. RiskCoach OnTheGo brings industry specific risk information from over 7000 industries and puts it in the palm of your hand.

The system allows users to research industry specific risks across 12 classes of insurance, look up significant exposures and explore risk checklists like never before. Go one step further and within seconds you can generate and send a co-branded tailored report with your company logo and business name right from the app.

The best part is that RiskCoach OnTheGo is available to all existing LMIRiskCoach users as part of their subscription.

To get started simply download the RiskCoach OnTheGo App from the Apple App Store or Android Play store! Or to learn more, contact LMIGroup via

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Blog question – Embargos

Over the past 24 hours, I have had a number of questions regarding Embargo’s on insurance policies.

My son, Steven, recently posted a YouTube video explaining Embargos and I would refer those interested to this. Which can be viewed here:

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US Patents and Trademark Office grant LMI a Trade Mark

LMI Granted Trade Mark in the US

This year is rushing along and we at LMI are certainly not standing still. On top of launching LMI BASIC in the UK last month we are working to launch a new app later this week, an updated version of three of our major products in Australia, New Zealand and the UK AND launch US versions of  LMI and LMI RiskCoach next month.

As the US do things slightly different to the rest of the English speaking world when it comes to insurance, the development of the US versions has meant a great deal of work for the IT and LMI Forensic teams.

Before launching it was important for us to protect our logo and intellectual property and after working on it for nearly a year, I was pleased to receive the Trade Mark certificate today from the US Patents and Trademark Office.

LMI ran with the project after initial advice from lawyers specialising in Intellectual Property (“IP”) protection in the US and Australia. The process did get slowed down when one of the major US insurers, or their lawyers to be technically correct, put up an objection on the very last day of the objection period. We nevertheless worked through their concerns explaining a) we were not competing with them in any shape or form and in fact were assisting them in educating customers and getting the sums insured right which would only be to their advantage and b) our logo looked absolutely nothing like theirs!

At the end of the day, reason won out and the all important trade mark has been granted. After all that we went through, we certainly will be having a little celebration tonight!

We already have the logo and several of our products trademarked in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Protecting your intellectual property is something that all businesses need to consider and obtaining the trademark was seen as a key step for us in doing so.

While LMI Legal did a great job for us, their expertise is in insurance and I would recommend Millens in Melbourne who have an expert in IP in their team and who helped us with the unexpected objection and gave us advice that we followed and that worked in getting our certificate.

We continue now with innovation patents where appropriate.


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Carter v Boehm: 250th Anniversary of Utmost Good Faith Photobook

I’ve certainly been pleased with the feedback I have received with the release of my latest book on the subject of Utmost Good Faith.

Rather than a traditional text book, I’ve created a coffee table book which contains photographs taken during the conference held in Sumatra, Indonesia to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Carter v Boehm [1766]. The decision by Lord Mansfield in this case created the important principle of good faith in general insurance.

Many people have sought a copy of the book to sit in the foyer of their office or staff recreation area.

Copies are now available for sale at $77 plus postage and handling. If you are interested in purchasing a copy please visit LMI Publications.

I’d like to thank for their contribution to the book, Andrew Pitts, Ashleigh White, Steven Manning and all those that helped bring the book to life, in particular Greg Pynt who wrote the Foreword and co-hosted the conference in Sumatra.



Me, Allan Manning, out the front of Fort Marlborough where the loss that led to Carter v Boehm [1766] occurred.

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Having a bit of festive season fun with a serious message

I worked with my son Steve on developing a video spoof of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year but with an underlying serious message. I hope you get a laugh out of it and join the campaign.


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LMI Group appoints new director

Today marks a milestone for both LMI Group and the Manning family with the appointment of my son, Steven, as a director of the group’s Australian, New Zealand and Singapore operations.

Steven, who is a recent graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, has shown great leadership in the organisation and has been instrumental in the successful launch of the group’s internet based knowledge eServices globally. In his role as head of eServices, Steven has been responsible for 40% of the revenue of the organisation.

Steven’s appointment is part of LMI Group’s overall succession plan, which allows Steven a number of years’ experience at board level before taking over as Managing Director in July 2021.

I’m sure all those that know Steven realise that he has worked hard for his new position and wish him every success.


Steve's daughter Audrey attended for part of the celebrations at LMI wearing her "Future CEO" socks.

Steve’s daughter Audrey attended for part of the celebrations at LMI wearing her “Future CEO” socks.

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A year of milestone anniversaries for key events influencing the insurance industry

250 anniversary ethnic numbers.This September marks the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London which led to both modern property insurance and fire brigades as we know them. I intend on writing an extended piece for this blog and am currently working on a coffee table book with my son, which will come out closer to the September anniversary.

Just as important, in my opinion, is the fact it is the 250th anniversary of the court case that led to the enshrining of the principle of Utmost Good Faith into insurance. The case we owe this to is Carter v. Boehm (1766), 3 Burr. 1905

In the course of his judgement, the famous. Lord Mansfield stated:

“Insurance is a contract upon speculation. The special facts, upon which the contingent chance is to be computed, lie most commonly in the knowledge of the insured only: the underwriters trusts to his representation, and proceeds upon confidence that he does not keep back any circumstance in his knowledge, to mislead the underwriter into a belief that the circumstance does not exist, and to induce him to estimate the risk, as if it did not exist.

“The keeping back such circumstance is a fraud, and therefore the policy is void. Although the suppression should happen through mistake, without any fraudulent intention, yet still the underwriter is deceived, and the policy is void, because the risk run is really different from the risk understood and intended to be run, at the time of the agreement.

“The policy would be equally void, against the underwriter if he concealed; as, if he insured a ship on her voyage, which he privately knew to be arrived; and an action would lie to recover the premium.

“The governing principle is applicable to all contracts and dealings. Good faith forbids either party, by concealing what he privately knows, to draw the other into a bargain, from his ignorance of the fact and his believing and the contrary.

“But either party may be innocently silent, as to grounds open to both, to exercise their judgement upon… There are many matters as to which the insured may be innocently silent. He need not mention what the underwriter knows… An underwriter cannot insist that the policy is void because the insured did not tell him what he actually knew; what way soever he came to the knowledge. The insured need not mention what the underwriter ought to know; what he takes upon himself the knowledge of; or what he waives being informed of. The underwriter needs not to be told what lessens the risk agreed and understood to be run by the express terms of the policy. He needs not to be told general topics of speculation…” 

[Emphasis mine]

In this first case it was found that the insurer had not acted in good faith and the client was entitled to have their claim paid.

While the Insurance Contracts Act, [1984] (Cth of Australia) reaffirmed that this principle is the cornerstone of the insurance industry, I question when I see extremely low ball offers of settlement made to an insured, decisions to delay payments to force an insured into accepting a lower settlement, the events leading up to the portrayal of our industry around some investigators and the handling of life insurance claims, ignoring conflicts of interest, and if we are honest with ourselves what are in effect hidden commissions, if Utmost Good Faith is being given anything but lip service on the one hand but being held as something that the insured must exhibit at every turn on the other.

To examine these issues and others surrounding them to me is a vitally important underlying principle of insurance, barrister Greg Pynt from Perth and I are underwriting a one off special conference in Bengkulu, Sumatra (Indonesia)  on 1 & 2 October. This location was chosen as it is very near the location of the loss which gave rise to the Carter v Boehm case.  [A visit to the restored structure ( a fort) will be part of the event.]

A range of excellent speakers including Prof Robin Pearson from Hull University is being put together. Greg is up in Bengkulu this week to make sure all the logistics are in place for a smooth running of the event. While Greg and I are behind the conference and underwriting it from a cost perspective, the conference is being organised by Conference Images a company well known to many readers.

The cost of the conference which includes registration,  tour speakers, lunches and dinners is a very reasonable $850 plus GST.  To learn more  please down load the Bengkulu Flyer or go to Finally Greg or I are happy to take your enquiries.

The concept behind this website is that it will remain active in perpetuity with papers from the conference, photos and videos of the presentations available for use into the future and hopefully reviewed at the 300th and other milestone anniversaries of this seminal case. Obviously other papers and items of interest on the topic will be added to the proposed knowledge data base.

The final point I would make is that Greg and I are not doing this for any financial gain. It is purely for educational and research purposes for the benefit of attendees, the wider insurance community and for future generations of insurance professionals. If the conference runs at a loss we will bear the cost equally between the two of us. If it runs at a profit, all profit will be donated to an education facility in or near Bengkulu to benefit the youth of that community.

Please come along. It will be a most interesting and informative event.

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Today the new look LMI Group YouTube launches! LIVE NOW

LMI Group are working behind the scenes to bring you demystified insurance jargon on all topics within insurance that will assist brokers, insurers and everyone looking to buy insurance or wanting to understand more about it.

Today we have gone live with two videos for you “Insure your stuff properly” and “This WILL save your business” which will provide you with a clear, concise and slightly humorous approach to understanding these sometimes complicated topics.

You can find the channel here: 

And I encourage you to subscribe as each week we will bring you new videos to watch, learn, understand and even share with your colleagues or friends who may want to understand too.

I, and LMI Group, look forward to sharing more of our videos with you, and please, if you would like to see a particular topic covered, send it through to us either in the comments or to



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LMI Newsbeat now out

Newsbeat 3LMI’s latest newsletter covering a range of topics is now available and you can get your copy here.  Articles include Drones,  Slip and Fall claims, Business Continuity Management Planning and LMI Mining.

If you enjoy the articles you can subscribe to obtain future editions direct.

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The Latest News Beat is now available

CaptureIf you have not received your copy of the very popular LMI News Beat please click here.

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