Buying quality pays


Each week I post the products that have been recalled and it staggers me just how many “good quality” brands require a recall.

I strongly believe that any company that imports or manufactures product, needs to consider a quality product recall program.



The piece of the dishwasher that caught fire in the Westinghouse dishwasher

A friend of mine had a fire in a Westinghouse dishwasher, but fortunately it was one of the few times where they let it run while they were awake, their normal procedure is to turn it on at night as they go off to bed.

On this occasion, they walked into the kitchen to turn on the kettle and smelt smoke and my friend quickly determined it was the dishwasher. He turned off the power, pulled it out and extinguished the fire.


The dishwasher was manufactured by Westinghouse and it had been subject of a Product Recall and in fact, it had been serviced twice by Westinghouse at no cost prior. Even though the unit was 10 years old, Westinghouse have agreed to replace the dishwasher at no cost. Fortunately, there was no resultant damage other than a bit of smoke damage which the owners cleaned up themselves.

Despite it being a consumer age it is quite refreshing to hear there has been no attempt to rely on fine print or some other reason, not to do the right thing and here Westinghouse have stepped up and replaced the unit as mentioned.


When I watch the advertisements on Television now where I see some insurers are trying to induce people to buy insurance through offering them incentives such as ‘company dollars’ or ‘theater tickets’. I would much rather they stick to their knitting and simply pay valid claims – fairly, promptly and with a minimum of fuss.Open dishwasher with clean glass and dishes

This is how you build and maintain your brand, not by cheap gimmicks like a free set of steak knives.

Well done Westinghouse.


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