Bouquets where they are due

rose boquetFrom time to time I do vent my frustration at some of the claims handling that goes on and the unfair treatment that people can receive. This includes the concern I feel for insurer’s and loss adjusters that adopt the delay, deny, defend approach to a major claim.

It’s not all bad news and many claims across the country are handled fairly and promptly.

Two examples are that my son, Steven, had a tree fall on his home during a violent storm in Melbourne and he submitted the claim form and quotation at 5.30pm and the money was received into his bank account the following day. There is nothing to suggest that his insurer, Chubb, gave him any different treatment than they would any other customer and that Chubb go out of their way to handle legitimate claims fairly. The beauty for Steven was that he was able to ring the repairer and say that he had received the money and that in turn pushed him to the top of the pile with the repairer. Knowing that he would be paid immediately meant that Steve was able to have it fixed faster than he may otherwise have done so.

The second claim involves a friend of mine who lost their home in the Wye River Fires. As soon as I heard that he had lost his home I asked him to send me a copy of his Policy and I summarised his entitlements under the Policy and sent it to him. I did offer to assist him in discussions with the insurers but he felt that I was already too busy and could handle it himself. He lodged his claim, and without prompting every item of his entitlement including removal of debris, loss of rentable value, the building escalation clause etc were offered by the in house loss adjuster and as it was in agreement of underinsurance and it was not my friends desire to rebuild the home at this time for personal reasons, a cash settlement was offered for the full amount and accepted. In this case it was GIO Insurance.

With so much bad press going on about our industry at the moment particular over the CommInsure debacle which I have commented on it is certainly refreshing to see a relatively minor and large claim go through as they should.


Well done to all those involved!

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  1. Gary McNeil says:

    Totally agree Allan. We are all guilty of sometimes pointing an accusing finger at Insurers who are perceived to be doing the ‘wrong thing’.
    As you quite rightly put it; bouquets can also be appropriate.

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