Blog question: Do you have this endorsement for the Industrial Special Risks Policy

Hi Allan,

Was attempting to locate a copy of the following endorsement wording; REPELXB4. Thank you for any assistance possible.


Darren [surname and email provided]

At LMI, as part of our policy library, we retain a copy of all the Industrial Special Risks (“ISR”) Policy endorsements we know of along with what we refer to as the Coach’s Comments which is our thoughts on the endorsement, where it should be used, etc.

It was therefore possible for me to provide the wording and a bit of history on the endorsement.(see below to Darren).

a) As we were getting so many of these requests we have this available on line through our LMI PolicyCoach service which has two main functions, The first is to assist develop a meaningful slip with advice on coverage, limits and sub-limits of liability and the endorsements to consider to tailor the policy to the client’s needs;


b) a library of all the endorsements known to us.

I and my colleagues have written 150+ endorsements for the Mark IV and Mark V ISR policies to ensure that it remains relevant in our ever changing world of risk.

Hi Darren

This is the first version of the infectious diseases endorsement first written for the Mark IV ISR in around 1987.

It has typically been superseded due to September 11 and Terrorism with most insurers replacing it with their own version.

Here it REPELXB4


Loss as insured by the policy resulting from interruption of or interference with the Business directly or indirectly arising from:

(a)   infectious or contagious disease manifested by any person whilst at the Premises;

(b)   closure or evacuation of the whole or part of the Premises by order of a competent public Authority consequent upon vermin or pests or defects in the drains or other sanitary arrangements at the Premises;

(c)   the outbreak of a notifiable human infectious or contagious disease occurring within 40 kilometres of the Premises;

(d)   injury, illness or disease directly caused by the consumption of food or drink provided on the Premises;
(e) murder or suicide occurring in or at the Premises; or

(f)   threat or fear of violent damage to the Premises and/or injury to persons therein.

Shall be deemed to be loss resulting from Damage to property used by the Insured at the Premises. Perils Exclusion 7(d) and Property Exclusion 2(e) shall not apply to the cover granted by this endorsement.





Darren replied

Thank you Allan, appreciate your prompt reply and hope you are going well.

Have a good day.



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