At last, some good news

The words Good News in a colorful burst of stars or fireworks toLast week I reported on a couple of attacks on LMI Group. One physically with the violent robbery and the second, a cyber attack.

While we are in the process of enhancing the video footage of our own robbery and have identified the perpetrators vehicle and are now working towards the number plate, we are pleased to report that the footage we had of a robbery to our neighbours not long before us, was sufficient to identify the vehicle involved in their robbery and this has led to the arrest of the alleged thief. We are yet to hear whether the property stolen has been recovered but hopefully we have got at least one off the street.

The loss adjuster involved in our robbery attended site Friday last week, appointed by our insurer, QBE. Delaying his attendance was nothing to do with either our insurer or his firm but rather the fact that Steven and I had been out of town for over a week and he attended our first day back. The whole process has been quite painless and the vast majority of the claim has been agreed. It does pay to keep in mind the claims service you receive from your Insurer when purchasing the insurance. As I have said many times, it certainly is not just about price, it is also the level of coverage and the speed and fairness of the claims service.

As both Steven and I have so much of our own personal property at work, being both avid collectors of Insurance, Fire Brigade and other memorabilia, we have both our names included in the definition of the named Insured, therefore avoiding any sub-limit for employees or directors property.

The lesson from all of this is that as the economy toughens, crime does increase and it is incumbent upon us all to protect our own property and keep an eye on our neighbours and local community by working together. This way we have a much greater chance of staying safe and keeping the baddies at bay.

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  1. Gary Everdell says:

    Any images of any old Yorkshire or General Accident , fire marks ???

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