Another example of false economy when it comes to flood mitigation.

The latest example comes from South Carolina Flood Damages as reported by CBS Evening News.

As the recovery from the South Carolina flood continues, people begin to count the cost. Recent flooding in South Carolina is the worst on record for the area. At least 19 people have died in the floods, 14 dams have failed and 62 others are at risk of failure.

The dam failure has brought the state’s maintenance practices into question, with reports that only $260,000 was spent on inspections and maintenance in 2013. Other states in the area have spent nearly 10 times that much.

While it’s still too early for firm estimates on how much damage was caused by the floods, some believe it could reach as much as $17 billion.

The South Carolina Department of Transport has estimated that damage to roads could exceed $1.5 billion. Damage to crops is expected to be more than $300 million. The impact on the forestry industry could be as much as $65 million. There have also been over $26 million in applications for federal disaster assistance.

We of course have the same issues in Australia where all forms of government are, in most cases, not focusing on mitigation anywhere near enough, whether this is for flood, cyclone or fire. This means that government is setting home and business owners to failure and of course the insurance industry will be painted as the villain.

At some stage this whole issue has to be addressed seriously and adequate funding set aside to fix existing problems and stop forthwith allowing development in high risk zones.

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