An apology and constructive call from my insurer my post earlier today where I vented my frustration, I was pleased that a senior official from my insurer rang to apologise and ask for ways that they can improve their service. He was obviously distressed and concerned at the level of service provided to us as client. I am also sure he has a busy workload like the rest of us and being proud of his company he would hate to have read my blog. He clearly was as disappointed as me.

We had a good positive discussion about where a quality loss adjuster can and does add value and where the process failed in our claim.

We also discussed the alarming increase in burglaries particularly in Victoria in businesses, homes and motor vehicles.

I appreciate the call and hopefully from my bad experience some good will come of it. I also have a name and number if I do have that big claim, heaven forbid and I need some real help fast.

My rating on will not be so damning now and I am glad I had not had the chance so far today to start the claims survey.

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  1. Thor Vo says:

    It’s great to hear of the constructive response from the Insurer, Allan. Hopefully they will be more sensitive and attentive when dealing with clients, after all an insurance policy is a promise to take care of the Insured’s claims in good faith.

    Kind regards,

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