A Good News Claims Story

IMG_0288In April last year, Bolwell Corporation suffered a major fire that could easily have been the catalyst for the entire business to fail.

Through the good work of their insurance brokers, M & R Insurance Brokers, they had a quality insurance program arranged with a reputable insurer, Allianz Australia who, upon hearing of the loss, worked with their loss adjuster Bob Richards of Cunningham Lindsay to do what ever they could, within the coverage afforded by the policy, to assist in mitigating the loss and providing regular and timely progress payments.

Part of the recovery process was for the Insured to temporarily park their caravan manufacturing business which allowed them to focus on their truck parts division. As a result no lost sales were sustained in the truck parts business.

With that important part saved and shored up, the Insured moved back into their caravan business and as part of that, they are being featured in a television show appearing on Channel 10, the show being What’s Up Down Under and also attending a number of caravan shows around south-east Australia.

The Insured asked Allianz if they would like to have Allianz signage on the van and or other promotional material at the shows at no cost to Allianz as a genuine thank you for the way that Allianz had worked so hard to assist them in their recovery.

After having fought so many battles of late to have genuine claims paid, this was a great claim to be involved in. Everyone involved worked together to get a fair and reasonable outcome in a timely fashion. I thought that the Insured’s offer was a great recognition of the appreciation that the shareholders and management team at Bolwell felt towards Allianz as their protector in their genuine hour of need. Well done to all concerned.

To me, it is a much bigger advertisement for the importance of quality insurance with a reputable insurer at the time of a crisis. Not a company that moves you from being a customer to a cost centre the moment you have a loss. The choice of broker, loss adjuster and claims preparer are all important but at the end of the day, it is the insurer who holds the cards and can ensure or destroy a company when they are vulnerable.

The grand re-opening is coming up soon and I know that Allianz will be justifiably one of the key guests of honour.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Well Done Allianz. They are market leaders in ‘Claims’ & give Brokers great support & service.

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