A broker testimonial to celebrate this my 800th blog post

Facebook RevellOn August 2, we posted an article on the LMI Facebook and Linked in pages reporting the presentation of LMI Phoenix Awards to an Insured and their broker by the head of LMI Forensics, Revell Weightman.

Overnight I received the following note from the broker, Mr James Wilson which I was really chuffed to receive as it confirms that what we do for Insureds and brokers really matters when they have a major loss. While I receive notes of thanks virtually every day for some service or other we have performed whether it be from a broker who has retained or won a major account by using one of more of LMI eServices, someone who has benefited from our training or got something from our YouTube channel or this blog, James’s email was something special and so I share it with you. Thanks James and well done Revell.


Good Morning Alan,

I hope you are well.

My name is James Wilson and I am an AR of IAA in Torquay, Victoria.

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank Revell Weightman for all of his work on the claim for The Nest 45.

Our insured (The Nest 45) incurred a total loss to his new business venture in the Sydney Storms of April 2015.

Revell’s knowledge and application of the policy wording enabled our client to successfully relocate his Imported Italian Kitchen & Joinery Showroom business from Cockatoo Island to Rosebery and recommence his business operations.

Without Revell I could not be confident that the client would have continued with his business, I know he had his doubts at times.

We incurred some difficult and illogical challenges from the assessors at times. The client and I are both thankful that Revell was able to deal with these in an efficient and professional manner. There was no query from the assessor that Revell didn’t have the experience, knowledge and practicality to quickly deal with.

Revell ensured our client was able to claim to his full entitlements under the policy. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to ensure the same settlement had I been handling the claim alone. In particular, Revell’s ability to understand the clients business and logistics and to problem solve and negotiate with the insurer to apply the additional increased costs of working coverage was exceptional.

Our clients only purchase insurance for the sole purpose of putting it into practice when they need. Expectations are high when people are vulnerable and each time LMI have been engaged for my clients claims, those expectations have been met.

With each claim LMI are involved in I learn how coverage actually works in practice. This enables continual improvement when assessing client risks, calculating sums insureds and indemnity periods and recommending coverage. I am extremely thankful for this knowledge and treat every claim with LMI as part of my ongoing education.

Broker James Wilson (left) with his client, Gregor Scott, of Nest 45.

Broker James Wilson (left) with his client, Gregor Scott, of Nest 45.

Attached are some photos Revell took after presenting myself and our client Gregor Scott of Nest 45 with a Phoenix award. We are both extremely thankful for this and I know that Gregor was really impressed with the acknowledgement of his challenges to relocate and reopen his business.

We both agreed that we should be the ones presenting Revell with an award!

I feel my relationship with the client is now stronger than ever – thanks to the work of Revell and LMI.

I truly believe the work of LMI promotes our industry in the best possible light.

Thank you for the ongoing service, support and education.


Kind regards,



I tried to express my thanks for James writing to me in the following email:

Thanks for you very kind note James. I had arranged to post the presentation photos on the LMI Facebook page earlier this week as I felt that the awards were very well received.

I am chuffed that you and the client are so appreciative of the work that Revell did working with you and your client.

As Revell would have explained the award is to recognise those that get through a really tough patch and the vital help their broker provides.

Believe me receiving your email is all the recognition we require. It means that what we are doing makes a positive difference to people and I personally do not think there is any better reason for working or existing for that matter.

Thanks again, all of us at LMI wish you and the Nest 45 every success for the future.



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