Business Continuity Planning & Ebay attack

AM 21May2014I had the privilege of speaking at a client breakfast yesterday for Insurance Advisernet in Melbourne.

My topic was the importance of a business having a business continuity management planning system and how easy it is to develop one through the IAA supported

I followed two very informative speakers one being Andrew Taylor, ChubbPro Practice Leader explaining in detail the emerging risk of cyber attacks. He showed just how often companies big and small are being attacked made the chilling point that organisations like MI6 and the FBI have been hacked.

If they cannot keep them out all businesses are vulnerable, big and small. It was therefore no surprise that I woke to the news that Ebay had been hacked and I spent the first part of the day changing my password and the one with associated PayPal.

I hope you have done the same. Any risk management plan should address both cyber risk and business continuity planning.

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