2 milestones reached today

2 milestones reached today

Today marks the 1,100 article posted to this site. As with all the services that the LMI team and I have developed, it is designed to educate in risk management and insurance, be a sales tool to insurance brokers, and protect the professional indemnity program of advisers.

We were recently told that we had done far more to assist brokers in these areas than any organisation in Australia or New Zealand and gives our partners a genuine advantage when providing advice to their clients. This spurs us to continue to invest heavily with our partners.

In 2005, we launched LMI ContinuityCoach.com which provided an inexpensive way of identifying risk and developing a plan to recover from a crisis event. Since then we have learned a great deal about the subject and received a great deal of feedback from our army of subscribers.

Over the past 4 years the team have been working on a complete upgrade which brings in areas of LMI RiskCoach, greatly improved risk identification, assessment and treatment features as well as a plan that is fully accessible from any mobile device.

For the first time it incorporates many risk management features including risk reports which will assist in tailoring the insurance program to the client’s need and much more.

While the original ContinuityCoach was good for its day, Version 2 which we will be officially launching in early July, takes it to a whole new level. It will assist any business even if they never need to activate their plan.

If you would like to have demonstration of the new product when it is released please drop me a note at allan.manning@lmigroup.com

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